It’s time for the Dodgers to stop taking Big Oil money

Source: LA Times


The Dodgers have a long history with Phillips 66 and its predecessor companies, dating back to the team’s move from Brooklyn. Union Oil Co. — which for decades owned the Union 76 gas station chain — helped finance Dodger Stadium’s construction, later sponsoring TV and radio broadcasts. That’s why there used to be a 76 gas station in the stadium parking lot, and why there are still prominent 76 logos above both scoreboards, part of a sponsorship deal with Phillips 66, which now owns the 76 brand.

The sponsorship deal doesn’t end at the scoreboards. 

There are 76 gasoline ads plastered throughout the ballpark, from the visiting team’s bullpen to the ribbon board screens lining the stands, which flashed 76 promos — including “Buy 8+ gallons with the Fuel Forward App” — during Sunday’s 3-0 win against the Kansas City Royals. Even the on-deck circles on the field, where batters prepare to hit, are orange-and-blue 76 logos.

There’s a reason oil companies have spent billions of dollars on advertising in recent decades.

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