How Many Electric Buses Does Your City Have? 

Source: Government Technology


All-electric buses are now operating in nearly every state in the nation, according to new data from the federal government. Use this tool to see which agencies are leading the electric bus charge.

An increasing number of public transportation agencies are swapping fossil fuels for batteries — 325 all-electric buses were added to fleets in 2022. 

According to recently released data from the Federal Transit Administration, in 2022 there were 1,873 active electric buses on the roads, up from 1,548 in 2021. The active all-electric buses make up approximately 3 percent of the 60,995 public transit commuter, municipal and trolley buses in the nation.

In 2022, electric buses were used by agencies in 43 states, up from 37 states in 2021. This searchable tool will allow you to see if there are any electric buses near you.

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