Toyota and EnergyHub Join Forces to Enhance EV Charging and Grid Support


Calling all EV enthusiasts! Toyota’s new collab with EnergyHub will have charging costs in a downward spiral and can even help your EV serve as a backup power source. Enjoy off-peak rebates and data programs, all with the sweet feeling of supporting grid reliability and accelerating electrification.  And you thought your EV was just for weekend getaways! Brace yourself, because your home energy ecosystem is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

A Bright New Collaboration for Cleaner Energy

Toyota Motor North America is linking arms with EnergyHub, granting Toyota and Lexus drivers access to EnergyHub’s platform. This alliance means less EV charging costs and supports our utility providers in maintaining grid reliability and boosting electrification.

What’s in it for You?

EnergyHub’s platform offers a multitude of EV programs like charging management, off-peak discounts, and data initiatives that assist with infrastructure planning. The ultimate goal? Improve your EV driving experience. The platform opens doors to rebates to balance charger installation costs, and opportunities to participate in vehicle-to-grid initiatives.

As more auto brands introduce bi-directional charging features into EVs, you can utilize your vehicle as a reserve power source or make some cash by delivering power to the grid during high-demand periods.

“Teaming up with EnergyHub allows us to give our Toyota and Lexus EV customers sustainable and cost-effective energy options that reduce emissions and back the grid,” says James George from Toyota’s EV Charging Solutions.

EnergyHub, the largest distributed energy resource management company in North America, is broadening its partnerships with EV supply equipment and original equipment manufacturers to benefit EV owners and utilities.

Maximize Your EV’s Potential

A fresh Escalent survey reveals most motorists aren’t clued up on the energy-storing capabilities of EVs. Vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid tech allows EVs to serve as an extra power source during outages and to get paid by utility providers for pumping energy back into the grid.

Once clued in to these capabilities, a lot of people expressed heightened interest in buying an EV. Getting connected to EnergyHub’s platform might just make more drivers aware of the extra perks of EV ownership, besides the obvious advantage of slashing those emissions.

Potomac Edison is leading the way, letting customers sign up their Toyota and Lexus vehicles to the platform, and there are plans to welcome more utilities to the party this year.

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