Backed by 170+ Elected Officials: Offshore Wind in New Jersey Set to Power Energy Independence, Job Growth, and Economic Development

170 elected officials in New Jersey support the continuation of offshore wind projects despite recent setbacks. Ørsted, an offshore wind developer, announced the discontinuation of the Ocean Wind 1 and 2 projects due to supply chain issues and increased US interest rates. 

However, the Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) organization emphasizes the importance of transitioning to renewable energy for energy independence and environmental justice. They view offshore wind as a vital component of achieving clean energy goals, creating jobs, and mitigating the impacts of climate change. 

Elected officials remain optimistic about the future of offshore wind in New Jersey and highlight the significant benefits it brings to the state’s economy, environment, and public health. Additionally, they point to successful offshore wind projects in neighboring states as evidence of its viability and potential for success. EOPA aims to educate, train, and support elected officials in advancing environmental leadership and protecting communities.

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Photo by Levan Badzgaradze on Unsplash