Countering Renewable Energy: Top State Legislative Priority for Pro-Fossil Fuel Networks

The State Policy Network (SPN), a national organization funded by right-wing and corporate donors, has announced its focus on preventing states from adopting wind and solar power in 2024. SPN affiliates, backed by fossil fuel interests, are leading campaigns against renewable energy projects across the country. These efforts include spreading misinformation, lobbying state lawmakers, and funding anti-renewable energy initiatives.

Key players like the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI), and Cascade Policy Institute receive substantial funding from sources such as the Koch brothers, enabling them to influence policy against renewables.

SPN claims to not be inherently against green energy, but its actions, including hiring anti-renewable energy advocates, suggest otherwise. This concerted effort poses a significant challenge to the transition towards clean energy and highlights the influence of money in shaping energy policy at the state level.

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