Why 68% of US Coastal Residents Are Backing Offshore Wind Farms

A recent poll reveals strong support for offshore wind development among US coastal residents, with enthusiasm cutting across political lines and geographic locations. The survey, conducted by Climate Nexus and the nonprofit offshore wind advocacy group Turn Forward, indicates that about two-thirds of coastal residents favor offshore wind projects, even if it means seeing turbines on the horizon. This support stems from the belief that offshore wind can enhance US energy independence, reliability, job creation, and overall economic health.

Stephanie McClellan, executive director of Turn Forward, highlights offshore wind energy as a major economic driver, capable of creating tens of thousands of well-paying jobs and boosting local economies. Coastal residents see the potential of offshore wind to transform their communities and are eager for the industry to grow and deliver these benefits.

Coastal residents are also calling for more government action to support offshore wind. A solid 65% back the government’s goal to power 10 million homes with offshore wind by 2030 and are in favor of opening up more areas for wind projects. Given a choice between drilling for oil and gas or setting up wind turbines, 53% prefer wind energy, compared to just 22% who favor oil and gas drilling.

The US offshore wind sector is making significant strides, with the first two large-scale projects—South Fork Wind in New York and Vineyard Wind in Massachusetts—well underway. More projects are in the pipeline, including the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project, which promises to set new records, and new developments in the Gulf of Mexico, Oregon, the mid-Atlantic, and the Gulf of Maine. States are also ramping up their commitments, with New Jersey announcing two new contracts in January and additional projects expected from New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island in 2024.

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