Why Atlantic City’s Flood Vulnerability Matters

Atlantic City is in serious trouble due to flooding, according to a recent study. This study used satellite data to show that Atlantic City is one of the most flood-prone coastal cities in the United States. The main finding is that the land in Atlantic City is sinking faster than previously thought, which makes the risks from rising sea levels even worse.

What makes this study so important is that it focuses on the sinking of the land, which is often overlooked in coastal management and urban planning. Ignoring this data can lead to inaccurate predictions of flooding, putting thousands of homes at risk. In fact, the study predicts that by 2050, around 9,700 homes in Atlantic City could be flooded – 2,700 more than previous estimates based only on sea-level rise.

The sinking of the land in Atlantic City is caused by various factors, including human activities like pumping groundwater. This shows that we need a comprehensive approach to managing the coast that considers both natural and human-induced factors that cause the land to sink.

Addressing the vulnerability of Atlantic City to flooding is not just about the environment; it also has important implications for fairness and economic stability. While some people may want to ignore the risks in order to protect property values, we can’t ignore the reality of climate change and how it affects coastal communities.

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