California Legislators Seek $1 Billion for Offshore Wind Infrastructure


California’s Assemblyman Rick Chavez Zbur is rallying for offshore wind power infrastructure, arguing that the Golden State is lagging behind in its climate action goals. He’s advocating for a $1 billion bond for seaport improvements to help assemble the wind turbines that would make safe air quality a breeze. Zbur is out here advocating for a renewable future that would benefit all Californians, and we’re here for it.

Good morning, planet-savers!

Here’s the hot goss– Assemblyman Rick Chavez Zbur, D-West Hollywood, is sounding the alarm. We’re seriously off-track to meet our climate goals and need to buckle down.

His game plan? “Offshore wind power is a key strategy to achieve our climate goals,” Zbur shared at a recent press conference.

And he’s not alone. Many lawmakers are stepping in to back a $1 billion bond for seaport infrastructure to help our state go green. Picture this: wind turbine manufacturing that would create hundreds of jobs and invest in our clean energy future. But our seaports are going to need a little TLC first.

“We have to invest big in our seaports to construct and transport these offshore wind turbines,” Zbur insisted. “$1 billion is just the start for this green infrastructure project. It’s high time to prioritize climate, climate bonds, and offshore wind in our budget,” he added.

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