Debunking the Myth: Offshore Wind and Whales – Exposing Big Oil’s Misinformation Agenda

“We can’t let companies acting in their own self-interest decide what’s best for us. If fossil fuel advocates are embarking on misinformation campaigns that take advantage of the good intentions of whale lovers nationwide, we need to shine a light on the truth.”

Since December, a distressing trend has emerged along the East Coast, with 25 humpback and two North Atlantic right whales found dead, including at least seven in New Jersey alone. Experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and environmental groups attribute these deaths to entanglement in fishing gear or collisions with ships, leading to the declaration of ongoing Unusual Mortality Events for both species. Climate change, by altering whales’ feeding patterns and warming ocean waters, may be exacerbating these deadly encounters with vessels. 

Despite scientific consensus dispelling the notion, lobbyist groups and conservative representatives have falsely blamed offshore wind farms for the deaths, perpetuating baseless claims to serve their interests, particularly in undermining Governor Phil Murphy’s ambitious offshore wind investment plan in New Jersey.

The misinformation campaign, largely orchestrated by Big Oil and its allies, spreads fear about offshore wind while neglecting effective measures to protect whales, such as changes to fishing gear and ship speed limits. Fossil fuel companies, motivated by profit, are endangering the spread of accurate information about climate change and clean energy solutions. They allocate substantial resources to misleading campaigns and utilize “front groups” to safeguard their profits. By debunking false narratives and advocating for evidence-based policies, voters and elected officials can thwart attempts by special interests to dictate energy agendas, ensuring progress in combating climate change and preserving marine life.

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