Offshore Wind: Setting the Record Straight on Whale Deaths

The recent surge in whale deaths along the Eastern Seaboard and globally has rightly sparked concern and sorrow. Yet, it’s crucial to debunk the claim that offshore wind development is to blame.

Let’s stick to the facts: The increase in whale strandings has been documented by the NOAA since 2016, predating offshore wind projects. Autopsies consistently point to human interactions like ship strikes, fishing gear entanglement, and plastic ingestion as the primary causes.

So, what’s really causing the spike in deaths? Ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement are longstanding threats. Additionally, plastic pollution poses an escalating danger to marine life.

Contrary to misleading claims, offshore wind surveys aren’t harming whales. The real culprits are far more intense activities like military sonar and seismic blasting for fossil fuel exploration.

To protect whales, let’s stick to the science, reject misinformation, and prioritize effective conservation efforts. Our actions today will determine the fate of these majestic creatures for years to come.

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