The Opposition to Offshore Wind Isn’t Really Driven by Grassroots Efforts

In New Jersey, opposition to offshore wind is falsely portrayed as grassroots, suggesting it originates from ordinary citizens. Grassroots movements typically emerge from the ground level, representing the genuine concerns and initiatives of local communities, rather than being orchestrated or funded by powerful interests like the fossil fuel industry

However, this portrayal is misleading, as opposition to offshore wind is actually supported by well-funded organizations with ties to the fossil fuel industry. For example, groups like Protect Our Coast NJ and the American Coalition for Ocean Protection are financially linked to the right-wing Caesar Rodney Institute. The Caesar Rodney Institute receives money from American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers and the American Energy Alliance, which have a vested interest in suppressing offshore wind development. This type of diversion, called Astroturfing, serves the agenda of oil and gas companies, hindering efforts to combat climate change and shift to a clean energy economy.

Armed with significant financial resources, Protect Our Coast NJ and the American Coalition for Ocean Protection spearhead anti-wind campaigns using expensive tactics like media blitzes, lawsuits, and rallies. While residents in NJ are debating offshore wind development, fossil fuel projects are moving ahead with limited resistance.

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