Greenvolt Power Purchases Two Renewable Energy Projects from RedWind Renewables

RedWind Renewables just took its renewable energy game to Boss Lady levels by selling two projects and shacking up with Greenvolt Power to turn the US into a green energy mecca. The new power couple’s mission? Harness local community strengths, flex capital muscle, and spark a renewable electricity revolution. So folks, let’s raise our reusable coffee cups to a future where integrity, transparency, and clean energy reign supreme!

Teaming up for a Cleaner Future

RedWind Renewables and Greenvolt Power Join Forces

Power players RedWind Renewables and Greenvolt Power have come together in a strategic alliance aimed at clean energy development. This partnership will leverage the strengths of each company, fostering sustainability and reaching communities across the U.S.

To break it down, here’s what each company is bringing to the table:

  • RedWind Renewables, a utility-scale developer, is known for their work with wind, solar, and battery storage systems. Their focus is on clean, profitable power that enriches communities and protects our planet.
  • Greenvolt Power, a global renewable electricity producer, specializes in wind and solar utility scales and operates in more than 15 countries. They’re all about creating lasting value from sun and wind for society’s benefit.
  • Together, RedWind’s local presence and Greenvolt’s robust capital position create an unmatched synergy that promotes community involvement.

“We are excited to work with RedWind Renewables and look forward to bringing clean energy solutions together. Local knowledge is crucial to our success, and with RedWind’s team of experts, we will deliver sustainable and socially responsible projects,” says Donald Carrillo, Greenvolt Power’s North American Country Manager.

RedWind Renewables CEO, Daniel Rustowicz, echoes this sentiment, “Working with a world-class developer like Greenvolt Power enhances our ability to develop projects, from origination through construction to operation, benefiting landowners, investors, and communities.”

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